Who Are We

Community Action for Nature Conservation – CANCO is a public interest Environmental Civil Society Organization registered under the NGO Coordination Act (1990) of the laws of Kenya in 2008 with offices in Mombasa, Nairobi and Eldoret.

It consists of multi-disciplinary professionals and practitioners motivated and committed in advocating for and contributing to good environmental governance, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and responsible development.

CANCO subscribes to the universal values, principles, and practices of good governance and democratic rights and fundamental freedoms for public interests and common good. It was formed by a team of multidisciplinary professionals and practitioners with motivation and commitment to contribute to good environmental governance and stewardship, sustainable natural resources management and responsible socio-economic development for public good and widespread benefit to communities and the integrity of ecosystems.

CANCO sees the potential of the civil society, particularly Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) as a positive force for change in Environmental Conservation (preservation, wise use and restoration) and Responsible Development. However, CANCO has observed many weaknesses limiting the CBOs capacity and overall impact of their work. The shortcomings include; lack of information, knowledge and skills, inadequate resources, insufficient governance structure and weak external linkages.


Furthermore many CBOs are poorly organized and managed and are unlikely to play a significant role in influencing positive change at ensuring sustainable exploitation, utilization, management and conservation of environment and natural resources. This means that the CBO’s cannot translate their commitment into organized and influential movement for change.

 At the same time, these weak institutions are unlikely to effectively participate and influence policy and legislation on matters pertaining to sustainable management of environment and natural resources and the benefits accruing from sustainable development. CANCO is formed to help address these weaknesses within and amongst CBOs.

CANCO recognizes that stakeholder’s behavior and behavioral change is paramount in promoting environmental conservation, sustainable natural resources management, and responsible development. Behavior is the results of decisions made, the actions taken and the practices undertaken by either individuals or members of a stakeholders group. The stakeholders could be the communities (individuals and their groups), Civil Society Organizations, Government (National and County), Private Sector Players, and Development Partners.

CANCO underscores building and managing strong relationship and networks with various stakeholders in the civil society, partners, government, donors and CANCO’s programs/projects’ beneficiary communities. CANCO works with national and international NGO’s and development partners to address national and local priorities with global conservation impact.

Our Programmes



Oil, Gas and Mining


Water and Wetlands


Marine Ecosystem and fisheries


Knowledge management and Institutional Development

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